If you are in pain and it is caused by an operation that you had, your first instinct is to go to a hospital. And if that pain is in your bones, you will be headed to an ortho doctor. You do not have to do this as Novy has the solution for your problems.

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About us

About The Novy

  • Acupuncture is pretty much ruling the world of pseudoscience. This 5,000-year-old Chinese Treatment is used to treat various ailments with minuscule, one-time use, disposable needles by inserting into conditioned and specific points on the body.
  • These points stimulate the appropriate nerve bundles, tissues and muscles to instigate blood flow for an effective and safe treatment.

A Story To Tell

THE YIN YANG THEORY is followed in acupuncture. It clearly states that a generous balance between extremes of the life force is maintained - which is called “qi” (pronounced “chi”), where the blood flow is called “Xue”. Now when this balance is disrupted, it regulates the birth of new diseases, symptoms, blockage and pain. That’s when through acupuncture, a smooth flow and balance of “Xue” and “qi” is maintained.

All About The Founder

  • Being an entrepreneur is like a vacation with excitement for Timple Luloo.
  • Coming from a family that has practiced and aced alternative medicine for decades in generations, she started her journey in 1994, with her own acupuncture practice. She specializes in treating Chronic nervous problems and Paralysis with the help of acupuncture adding to the aid of pure and organic medicines. She intends to add spunk and sass without losing their original essence.
  • Wanting to be close to nature - she spends her leisure time talking to and exploring plants and forests, with birds and trees, with flowers and bees. Also, very few would understand the language of nature and its signs to develop a sustainable environment.

From The Founder

Looking back to the beginning, there has been a breathtaking and beautiful journey. My grandfather Mr. Vincent Panikkar who practiced Homeopathy from Portuguese settlers was a well-known and accomplished Homeopathic doctor in Coimbatore, and he was lovingly called a German Doctor. He was the first person to bring in medicines that were imported from Germany and other places abroad to Coimbatore.

My father continued the ancestral practice. Dr V.K. Alexander, was an Ayurvedic Doctor & Acupuncturist. He studied from Tibetans and then from Hong Kong and introduced Acupuncture in India. He then researched vigorously and studied from scratch on Indian Herbs. This helped in simplifying the traditional Ayurvedic medicines. He continued to formulate around 54 medicinal formulae and treated his patients through those medicines, wherein his medicines were to be consumed in drops and which will be absorbed directly by the glands present in the buccal cavity. This provides immediate relief to various ailments turned out to be tremendous success.

Then he proceeded in developing a Hypnos-Rhythmic Therapy that combines hypnotism and music to treat patient. it was also welcomed widely with people undergoing stress & high blood pressure. More research and work are being done in launching that as well in near future

The love towards Ayurveda was natural as this later helped me establish a company supporting the age-old practice. I pursued my education at the local government school from Coimbatore. I graduated with a BSC in zoology and a degree after that. I was an acupuncture practitioner at 25. This led me to work on treating patients with paralytic problems, sinusitis, chronic headaches, arthritis, infertility, gouts, cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis and other kinds of pain as well. With the blessings of my father, I kick-started my researching and manufacturing units.

This process was not a bed of roses. I had my minor setbacks, frequent reassurance, self-doubt but thankfully, made it through. After all the formalities of obtaining the license and necessary certifications, we’re one proud family with 300 outlets in Coimbatore and extended our support to our neighbours like Udumalpet, Erode, Salem, Nilgiris, Pollachi and Palani. This will not stop here and we want to love and can never get enough of it. Fugal Pharma would hopefully extend beyond India, - as it has a proud recognition that would make our country proud one day. That’s when Ayurveda would rise and reach great heights, only to never fall back.